Our Strategies.

We execute specialised elements of the business through key strategies:


Affordable Housing.

HSPG Affordable Housing exists to provide an increased availability of affordable housing, whilst highlighting the profitable opportunities available to investors in this growing, but not yet fully discovered, market. Our Affordable Housing specialists work with local authorities and Registered Providers to facilitate s106 developments, providing high quality accommodation at below-market cost.


Supported Housing.

HSPG Supported Housing creates demand-led solutions for vulnerable people, by satisfying the requirements of local commissioners and housing providers. We generate long-term, CPI inflation-linked income from an experienced, government funded tenant.


HSPG Development.

HSPG Development strives to meet the demand of our clients and investors, while working in harmony with the requirements set by stakeholders determining the exit route of each project. We deliver high quality developments ensuring each and every bed space provided, regardless of the specification, is a comfortable home that the provider and service user can be proud of.

Asset Management.

HSPG Asset Management.

The HSPG Asset Management Department provides the following services:

  • HSPG Management and Investment Consultancy
  • Housing Social Ltd: Property Management
  • Relationship Management and Development
  • Park Properties Housing Association and LWI: Registered Providers

Working with Local Authorities, Landlords, and a selection of organisations who provide low to medium levels of care to vulnerable individuals, we support in the areas the organisations need us most.

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