Asset Management.

The HSPG Asset Management Department provides the following services:

  • HSPG Management and Investment Consultancy
  • Housing Social Ltd: Property Management
  • Relationship Management and Development
  • Park Properties Housing Association and LWI: Registered Providers
Working with Local Authorities, Landlords, and a selection of organisations who provide low to medium levels of care to vulnerable individuals, we support in the areas the organisations need us most.
HSPG Management and Investment Consultancy

We provide support to landlords, providers and Local Authorities to replicate HSPG’s successes to date through our specialist social housing asset management consultancy. We make it possible for our partner organisations to utilise the skills and resources of all of our departments within HSPG to replicate the successes we have had within the industry, for a fraction of the cost it would take to duplicate this infrastructure, and with it, the success.

Our consultancy service builds the bridge between Local Authorities, housing providers, developers, landlords, institutions, funds, REITs and any organisation who wishes to institutionalise their residential properties.

We steer landlords away from unpredictable returns, void periods, tenant issues, maintenance issues, and move towards long term, attractive management and lease agreements.

Social real estate investments can offer the predictable, long-term, inflation-linked cashflows that investors seek, whilst delivering positive impacts for society: profit for purpose.

Housing Social Ltd: Property Management

Through its subsidiary Housing Social (HSL), HSPG currently manages over 250 units of social housing on behalf of Manchester City Council, supporting their social housing process and has recently won a further contract to provide temporary accommodation with Middlesbrough Local Authority. The portfolio of properties is fully managed and let to Local Authorities with associated nomination agreements based on the Local Housing Allowance Rates on medium term leases. HSL works in partnership with Private Landlords to provide temporary accommodation to service users in need of high quality accommodation.

A guaranteed rental income is provided to landlords and investors, in line with a full management service to generate certainty and reduce void periods, management issues or bad debt risk. The business is actively expanding into further locations across the UK.

With an enviable record of maintaining excellent relationships with its Local Authority Partners, an excellent service is provided to both Landlords and tenants. HSL is currently ranked number 1 out of 15 providers in the Greater Manchester Area for compliance. Our team of property and investment specialists are dedicated to ensuring our partners’ interests are always at the forefront of what we do: inspired by you.

Relationship Management and Development

The relationship team coordinated with all departments of the HSPG businesses to manage key elements of the Group’s operational activities. Activities range from achieving Nominations Agreements with Local Authorities to ensuring that all our residents, properties and partners receive the highest level of service whilst managing any risks to stakeholders.

HSPG works in partnership with a wide range of Supported Living organisations across the UK to provide high quality accommodation to vulnerable and high risk groups. HSPG has a dedicated team of relationship managers who ensure that the partner organisation is able to focus on providing the best possible care, whilst HSPG manages the accommodation and contacts with the Local Authority. Working in partnership with its in house Registered Provider, Park Properties, HSPG can provide the accreditation required for Supported Housing organisations to confidently operate within a regulated environment.

HSPG’s primary goal is to ensure their properties provide both high quality accommodation and are compliant in all areas of certification. HSPG’s relationship managers all have wide experience of operating within a regulated environment and the focus is on ensuring full compliance for all elements of the service.

Park Properties Housing Association and LWI: Registered Providers

HSPG wholly owns and manages two Registered Providers within the Company; Park Properties and LWI. Both organisations are registered with the Registrar of Social Housing and have independent Boards to provide the highest levels of Governance and ensure their financial robustness.

Park Properties and LWI provide both General Needs, Shared Ownership and Supported Housing accommodation to qualifying residents and service users with high levels of need. Properties are either new build or recently refurbished stock fitted out to the highest standard, providing safe and affordable accommodation. Rents are capped at LHA rates and provide affordable accommodation to tenants across the UK.

HSPG’s Registered Providers work with Supported Housing organisations and have the skills and resources in house to manage the relationship between the Provider and the Local Authority, ensuring that service users receive the highest level of care and support.

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