David Goggin's 4/4/48 Challenge.

Our COO, David Searle, took lockdown running to a whole new level to raise money for Centrepoint. He launched himself into David Goggins' insanely tough 4/4/48 challenge on Friday 5th March.

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💥What is the 4-4-48 challenge and why did he want to do this?💥

Running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours starting at 4am!
Dave wanted to push through something extremely physically and mentally challenging. 
We couldn’t even imagine what it’s like to go through life like the young homeless people, who are supported by our partner charity, Centrepoint, but this will make a start to raise both money and awareness around all of the amazing work they do to support the young vulnerable people throughout the UK.

For those of you who run regularly, 4 miles isn’t a huge distance. However, the sheer number of times 4 miles is required across the 48-hours quickly makes the challenge gruelling, as Dave will clock up almost 50 miles. 
That’s nearly 2 whole marathons in 2 days!

Not only is this a huge physical challenge, but also a big mental challenge.
When completing a running challenge like this, you develop more mental toughness. 
As David Goggins calls it, you are ‘callusing’ your mind. After such a challenge, you store a powerful reference in your memory, which gears you up to overcome so many more future obstacles.

We’re incredibly proud and inspired by Dave’s completion of the 4/4/48 challenge, raising over £7000 for our partner charity, Centrepoint! 

Here’s what he had to say on completion:
We’re so grateful for all the generous donations received, it was a tough mental & physical challenge, but throughout the run, we were thinking about the difference the funds raised. We are delighted to partner with Centrepoint in our goal of reducing youth homelessness.”

A big thank you to those who donated and showed support. This money will go such a long way and support so many vulnerable people.
Every donation you made will help:

  • Provide a warm, safe room for a homeless young person, giving them the stability and security they need to overcome past trauma and begin a new life.
  • Support young people with counselling, health support and practical advice.
  • Give young people the skills they need to find a job or support them in education.
  • Help young people move on independently, rebuilding their lives and relationships.

We will be donating the money to Centrepoint through our shiny new Charity Foundation: Nectar! We created the NCF to impact lives, strengthen communities and embrace giving with intention. Give them a follow to keep up to date with all the incredible work they’ll be doing to support the community!

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