Speaking in the middle of the summer heatwave, Guy drew attention to some of the issues exacerbated by the nationwide housing crisis. As more and more people find themselves sleeping rough in the UK’s cities, extreme temperatures – both high and low – highlight the urgent need for Affordable Housing. 

Rough sleepers are particularly exposed to freezing winters and summer heatwaves, and steps like handing out blankets and warm food can be taken to aid the some of the most vulnerable members of our communities in these extreme conditions.   

In the interview, Guy highlighted how similar measures can help renting families who struggle to pay their utility bills. Providing heaters to households as well as topping up energy meters can go a long way in counteracting the effects of the colder months, particularly for people ineligible for Winter Fuel Payments. 

Amidst soaring energy prices and a tough winter ahead, measures like these are more important than ever.  

To find out more about what we’re doing to help with the current homelessness crisis and generate a positive impact on the housing sector, visit our impact page. 

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