Stay Positive Working From Home.

We're so excited that we will all be reuniting soon after Boris' announcement. In the meantime, here are some of our top tips on staying positive working from home!


    1. Create work-life boundaries and stick to them – just because you’ve been working at your dinner table all day, doesn’t mean you have to answer emails whilst you’re eating dinner.
    2. Take breaks away from your screen – HSE.GOV recommends taking short breaks, between 5-10 minutes, on an hourly basis. This will help concentration and prevent the eyes from straining.
    3. Keep active – go outside and get some fresh air, even for 5-10 mins!
    4. Stay connected – Stay in contact with your teammates, friends and family as much as possible. Losing touch with the outside world can leave you feeling lonely and isolated. Whether it’s over WhatsApp, Zoom or just an old fashioned phone call, people are vital to getting through lockdown. Remember, we’re in this together!
    5. Music is key – Listening to your favourite playlist can positively impact your mental health and keep you motivated. Drop the links to your favourites in the #general chat! 
    6. Snack Happy – Don’t feel bad for snacking throughout the day. We’re in a global pandemic, and there’s not much to look forward to at the minute, so if eating that chocolate bar makes you feel happy, then don’t restrict yourself and don’t feel guilty about it!  Everyone’s healthy eating routines and meal preps have gone out the window; you’re not alone on this!
    7. Embrace where you’re at – When times are tough, it’s natural to feel down. Everyone has negative emotions; accepting them rather than resisting is one of the best ways to move through these feelings.
      Tell yourself that it’s okay and normal to feel like this. You’re balancing remote working with everything that’s going on in the world right now. 
    8. Focus on the little things – Write down three things you’re grateful for at the end of every day. Even if you feel like nothing has gone right, reminding yourself of the little things we often take for granted can help adjust your mindset.
    9. Good vibes only – Follow social media accounts that inspire and fill you with positivity instead of self-doubt and comparisons.
    10. We’re here for you! – Finally and most importantly, remember that we’re here for you. If there’s anything we can do to make this transition easier (even if it’s just a chat), let us know!


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