The Nectar Charity Foundation:

Giving with intention.

At HSPG, we wanted to broaden our philanthropic investments into the areas we’re most passionate about including homelessness, supporting charities with their internal structure and growth, and sustainability.

Our society needs companies to expand economic contributions in a way that benefits wider communities. So, we’re tackling this head-on, introducing the new: Nectar Charity Foundation.

The Foundation, being driven by HSPG’s passionate social impact team, gives ‘nectar in the following three ways:

🍯 Financial Donations
🍯 Volunteering
🍯 Professional Services

We will be partnering with organisations that address the devastating, wide-reaching effects homelessness has on vulnerable communities.

We partner with nonprofits, start-ups, charities, CICs, and our team members to create an impact in their communities. All of which aligns with our commitment to creating greater environmental well-being and advancing housing opportunities.

We are excited to be fulfilling this responsibility to utilise both our capital and our skills to raise further capital, to continue to address pressing social problems. This charitable contribution will allow us to catalyse new and innovative ideas, outside of our core business, to support social and environmental progress for those who need it most.

Our COO, David Searle, launched our first NCF event on 2nd March with the 4/4/48 challenge: running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 continuous hours, raising over £7000 for Centrepoint!

HSPG will be making an annual contribution to the NCF on an annual basis, watch this space for all the positives we can contribute to 2021 and beyond!

If you’d like to know more about NCF, email us and we’d love to connect you with our social impact team.

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